Spherical Spacers

              RotaChock - Spherical Spacers
              The Machinery Mounting Solutions Spherical Spacer accomplishes two functions: 1) it creates fastener planes and 2) bolt elongation. The RotaChock® by design is capable of taking the clamping force created by the hardware at any length. We offer the spacer to suit your application while creating a fastener that is in pure tension and no longer a maintenance problem for the life cycle of the machine. The illustration below and the table depicts our part number and diameters offered Off-The-Shelf. The angular offset maximum angle is 4 degrees.

              The whole mounting system includes the machine's foot, foundation, chocks and the fasteners. Wherein fasteners that are not in pure tension will be a loose fastener. If you have fasteners that loosen, epoxy resins that crack, shims that walk-out or a MAC that loosens contact us, we may have your solution. It's not the chock.

              Warning; All spherical washers (spacers) are not the same contact us!!
              Stock Spherical Spacers are manufactured from ANSI 4340 alloy steel and ACE process, other materials are available to suit any environment.

              The length of the spherical spacers can be manufactured to your requirements.    Contact us if you have any questions !!
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