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              RotaChock Spanner Tools:
              We recognize some technicians like the feel of a spanner. In support of customer inquiries we stock a range of adjusting tools.

              Machinery Mounting Solutions’ Spanner has an additional feature: The “calibration socket.” For those technicians that want a mechanism to quantify the torque reading on chock tightening. 

              How tight is enough? 20-30 ft-lbs!! Show me! Insert a 3/8” drive torque wrench and set to 25 ft-lbs. “Click–it!” The Buttress thread is now friction locked. Adding the clamping force of the mounting fastener is the essential insurance to the mounting system. 

              The ROTACHOCK® CAN’T LOOSEN as long as the mounting hardware stays tight!!!

              Another feature of the spanner is the go-no-go gauge in the handle of the spanner. For the basic configuration RotaChocks® it is a quick and easy tool for demonstrating that the chock is within its prescribed adjustment range. If the gauge fits between the base part and center part of the Basic Line RotaChock®, it is a No-Go! for the installation and must be addressed.  

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