Extended Adjustment Range (EAR)

              RotaChock - Extented Adjustment Range (EAR)
              The fastest growing MAC in the marketplace! One chock for multiple applications and configurations to suit the application. 

              Many standard package designs are used with varying performance requirements, with a need to change motor frame size during the life of the system or in the design / stocking cost analysis. 

              One chock – many configurations! EAR => Extended Adjustment Range RotaChocks!!

              No need to change the RotaChocks or add / remove spacer blocks or create additional adapter sub skids. Just adjust the RotaChock EAR to suit the new gap height. RotaChock - EAR Increases the flexibility of your package whether in design of basic systems or in a system that changes during its operating life. 

              The RotaChock EAR is an economical solution to complex fit-up designs for your foundation system.

              Here’s an example: We proposed to a customer a line of RotaChocks to support a range of motors. The motors ranged in power, speed and footprint. The components that they drive are pumps and screw compressors. The motor sizes had a variety of bolt sizes and a number of skid designs to accommodate a variety of packages. In general, the Basic Line RC4 supported the largest portion of their catalog.

              After some discussions, investigations and review of the entire potential of configuration options, MMS concluded we could simplify every aspect of their machinery mounting design and fabrication process. The solution was one chock for their highest volume range of their supply.

              Only one RotaChock model to stock that fits nearly all of their catalog. Their analysis shows a significant reduction in designs via simplified foundations, implementation (training, tooling and logistics), lower construction costs (one skid for 10-15 lines), lower inventory costs and lower life-cycle costs are anticipated.
              RotaChock RC4CS-TL3.8-EAR1.8-ACE
              Design Height: 3.8"
              The total adjustment range: 1.8" (or +/-0.9" from design height)

              Special considerations:

              1. EAR RotaChocks are generally made to suit customer needs. Some configurations are in-stock but we request your inquiry to provide the best solution for your unique of needs.

              2. As with any mounting solution, we consider your whole package requirements and forces from the components and the environment. Components that are exposed to high thrust, i.e. marine propulsion gearboxes or bolt-in-shear force components care must be taken to ensure adequate transfer of forces / energy to the foundation.

              Before considering EAR configuration chocks, contact us.
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